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Aletsch Gletscher Switzerland 6 years later

I visited the glacier 6 years, excited to come again, but as soon as I got to the mountain top and see the glacier again, I was confronted and shocked at how much it had melted in those 6 years, it really struck me and depressed me

heading up the glacier Aletschhorn I think and there is my confrontation seeing the glacier again after 6 years, it is a lot narrower, you can see for yourself when you see the photos I took from similar spot 6 years ago when I was here last didn't see that, I think it is so you can hear the cascading falls across the valleyall the rocks and rubble the glacier carries, problem is, in the sun, those rocks heat up and melt the ice even faster 80meters a year apparently we took a lift, but you can hike up to the viewing area as well it would take a while great view though we opted for the cable car there was a drastic change in the size of the glacier since the 70's, nut sure the exact year ( could be 50's or 60's ) but there was definitely a drastic drop which is clearly visible on the path of the glacier indicated with the red linewithout my red line, you can clearly see the difference find out more about global glacial melts here from nasa

according to our host, those lines, which is the glacier carrying rocks and rubble, and you can see where it starts and in the 70's it was no way near as visible, as the glacier level dropped more loose rocks were exposed and picked up by the traveling glacier, and as I said, those rocks now heat up in the midday sun, accelerating the melt even moresee a before and after photo and article hereapparently shrunk by 2 km quite impressive to see but can you imagine how impressive it must have been the right side of the glacier flowing into Konkordia platzzoom  in then looking straight down, massive chunks of ice across the valley, where water is gushing down, this would normally be amother glacier meeting this glacier not much left of it now count the amount of waterfalls deep chasm revealing beautiful blue colour boulders and ice at the very top and base of another glacier ( could not tell it is a glacier with all the rocks on it ) a little cave fellow hiker spotted tack below I walked from Bettmeralp 6 years ago why you don;t want to walk on a glacier, that probably drops about 400-600 meters such contrast another viewing platform up there, but hows all the rocks, it looks unstable  more contrasts the very end of Aletsch, grey ice freshwater pool zoom out she's no ice skating rink slowly sliding down at 80m/year super wide angle middle ice chunks path to the other platform so many rocks, curious why there are so many loose rocks so high up on the mountian dying glaciers different activity, bit of rock climbingheading back to the lift to head down and spot this concrete construction with water gushing out

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