Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Early Morning walk at Fiescheralp, Switzerland

promised myself I would go for an early morning walk and be back in time for breakfast with Jacqui

Matterhorn greets me first thing in the morning when i set out for Weisshorngruppe ? craggy outline of mountain tops scraggly Fiesch Switzerland how's the hair style on top yeah, talking about your hair mate early morning sun, looking like car headlights lots of cows knocking heads Matterhorn and cow horn the easy track below coming up from Bettmeralp cosy in winter nice morning reflection on a calm Schonboden See looking across the valley pretty Matterhorn water gushing out of the hill feeding the Schonboden See going down of the track as I went to get a nice picture of this little lake gushing rhythmically the cosy house hoping to get close and do a nice reflection photo underneath the gush now oh, and what do I spot a Marmot nice feed picturesque blueberries ? clouds in a pond pretty look how clear the water is a mirror lets get on that rock and get a shot with the wideangle love love so pretty calm overview glad I made the effort, now time to head back for breakfast pretty oh, another marmot and cow coming straight for me, a bit daunting but fine, just wanted a scratch happy cows and healthy must be more important as it has a big bellfarm life cruisingoverview walked around the lake inquisitive nice track back and look 2 more marmots checking me out upright at the back they're like a mini softer version of our wombats eats roots shoot and leaves the other one popped up a bit further nice, closest I've gotten to one, they are very shy and wary of people don't you think, a small wombat ? look at this guy, impressive back at the hotel finished breakfast time for our next hike, and it's going to be a good one

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