Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Leaving Fiesch and Switzerland behind

our time in the Alps draws to an end, time to head to the flatlands

checked out of hotel, got our bags so now time to head down, like this guyand this guytourist nunslove thisgoing down in the cable car Bellwald The Rhone still raging, we were at the source a few days back idyllic swiss village farm life Swiss style warm and cosy in winter interesting build, see it everywhere, mini stilts with a big circular stone block simple the wooden base and the circular rock circular rocks lined up, so am supoer curiosu if anyone can shed any light on this, why the space under the house, airflow ? will have to have a look in winter is it because there is a barn underneath with cattle so the space is to minimise the smell ? ladders for when there is 2-3 meters of snow ? i'm just going to have to come back in winter to find out :-)

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