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Insisheim, France and Le Couronne

Love a hotel that's charming , unique but still with modern conditions ( and a great restaurant )

Jacqui spotted this nice hotel when we were looking for somewhere to stop over near Mulhouse and break up our drive side entrance the stairway seen from outside royal mine gargoyle made from copper the crown front entrance, the detail and support under the enclosed verandahdid not notice those curved ends before, that's very uniquespecial and unique eroded lion and on the right front door lock inside spiral staircase one floor up from the terrace next door inside wood detail railing top floor The Crown Building is one of the most remarkable buildings in the Habsburg City. There is evidence of an inn here since the 16th century. ( from their website with a bit of history as well, built in 1610 ) River III, which meets up with Thur

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