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Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland

Spending half the day on glacier in between men shows

After last show in Milan, I get in the car and head straight to Switzerland, as soon as I cross border, greeted by a big waterfallAs I drive along the windy road, there are so many amazing photo opportunities,  but the road is not built for sight see-ing, so there is no where to pull over and take a photo, which is a shame, as I really saw some amazing vistas, but then, I don't go to my beach and pull out my camera everyday and take a photo, what I mean is, for the local swiss people, the view is no biggie, they see it everyday, so no need when constructing the road to allow for sight see-ing spots :-)sheer cliff face, the enormity of it is does not show in the photo After nearly 3 hours drive, I arrive at a car park, where I need to take the cable car up the mountain, I'm staying in a car less village, then it's a good 10 min walk to my hotel, where, once I checked in , I am greeted with this view of the Swiss Alps now that's a room with a view next morning, and I'm ready for my Swiss adventure what a view heading to another cable car to get higher  and leave village below me it ain't the alps in summer without a cow and it's cowbell Said one cow to the other cow , meet me at the street lamp and voila, why I came here, the Aletsch Glacier Biggest in Europe breath taking goes for 23 km, and look at that tension over time they are big chunks of ice, each , the size of a small apartment block quick dodgy stitch I really want to get down there, but I can not see any tracks that head down, and get the feeling there is a reason for that, there appears to be a track further below that goes along the glacier amazed at the green colour slowly heading down, and it is a warm day, about 30 degrees, so am already thinking heading back up is gonna be a killer colours stumbled upon this one big rock with massive white quartz all through it views galore somehow I got down all this  hello kitty made it to a track swiss alps colours woauw, impressed, see those  people ahead, looks like they are near glacier, right, well no, they are at least another 200-300 meters above itthis track still has a long way to go , I been walking for over an hour now, so am starting to think about the fact I still need to get to Paris tonight  now we all now that glaciers are melting around the world, but I learnt  today, that this glacier has been melting a lot, the red line is where the glacier was about 200 years ago, and that the receding of the glacier has been faster since the 70'sthats a good 2-300 meters less this track keeps going for a while yet, so I head back not without some more photos so wish I could go down there, but it is pretty steep, and hot today ok, last shot heading back, and wait what, up ahead, there are people on the glacier, hard to see, i'll zoom in  see them, must be a tour, will need to come again and do this tour one more shot heading back end of the glacier waterfall on the other side, it's all you here in this valley, is the constant rushing of water, it is quite alarming hey, where'd everybody go, you said meet me at the lamp post

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