Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


New York > L.A. > Sydney QF12

After flight from London, get to lounge for about 4 hours at JFK airport, downside, looks like will miss sunset

view from plane once we boarded passengers still boarding, so going to miss out again on epic sunset shots like this plane taking off now or that one finally, looks we are ready to push back getting darker there's a queue, so I think the opportunity is gone finally pushing back ready to go but big queue, about 10 planes ahead South of New York night sky, as we head west, arrived in LA on time, but then plane could not get to gate for 50 min due to another plane being at the gate, so by the time plane got to the gate, it wad a case of walk off the plane and walk 2 gates down to connecting flight to Sydney which was calling Final Call for boarding so 10 or so hours later, a beautiful colour outside my window about 4-5 hours out from Sydney lovely colour an hour or so later, pacific clouds breakfast time South Pacific all I can think of now is Tahiti getting closer to East Coast of Australia, and you can tell, clouds are different yup, there she is , Australia, white strip, is the long stretch of beach and sand dunes of Anna Bay. Check out driving on the beach here and the dunes here. going down Newcastle through the clouds nice, print this one City beaches of Sydney, and wedding cake island Eastern Suburbs, is that a plane I see yep, taking off off to Fiji ? landed, finally home after 37 hours of travel

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