Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


London > New York AA101

Arrived from Paris last night, did not want to catch first flight in the morning, so stayed the night at airport hotel so don;t have to stress about connecting flight etc...

little chin wag ok, ready to go take off, rise above the English grey turning north, not west Derbyhaven, next to Castletown on the Isle Of Manlooking windy down there Ardglass Northern Ireland now the big expanse of North Atlantic Ocean we've tracked a bit further north than usual window seat dipping just south off Greenland Lake Melville and Grand lake, New Foundland Canada Happy Valley Goose Bay airport just make out the runway river which looks like it has only recently been thawed openEast of Quebec, Mingan airport, frozen landscape Rivire-au-Tonnerre, or Thunder River, this region, known for crab fishing and then across Saint Lawrence to Anticosti Island with sheets of ice, wonder if it is ever completely frozen and you can drive to the island too thin looks amazing Plum Island National Park, MassachusettsRockport Salem, yes, as in the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 Boston's Logan International Airport right on top clouds out to sea Naval Auxiliary Air Station near Charlestown Gardiners Island in Block Sound Tobaccolot Bay Shelter Island sound inlet into Belport bay close to Fire Island Fire Island and Ocean Beach great south bay and east fire and west fire islandsAntlantique Marine at the top Looking all the way along Fire Island Kismet Fire Island Light house no surf flying out over the ocean to then bank and go for landing Shore Road Long Beach 522 Shore Road Long Beach Ocean Beach Park end of the line, Long Beach Rockaway at the top, and Rockaway hunting club golf courses in btween mansions under flight path ?can even see an addition for a house or office going up on crane on Washington street coming into land

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