Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Anna Bay, Stockton Beach, Australia

Love this place

SON_4717SonnyphotosSo no driving beyond the high tide marl on the sand dunes anymore SON_4719SonnyphotosSo I leave the car on high tide mark, and walk into the dunes SON_4720Sonnyphotosso peacefull and quite, no one else around SON_4722Sonnyphotostranquil SON_4723Sonnyphotoslove the shapes the wind makes SON_4726Sonnyphotosinteresting SON_4729Sonnyphotosso much sand SON_4731Sonnyphotoscouple of horse shoes to slide down SON_4732Sonnyphotosmust admit, I love the idea of driving in the dunes, which is no longer permitted, but it does look a lot nicer without all the tyre tracks in the dunes SON_4735Sonnyphotoswhere the dunes meet the bush SON_4741Sonnyphotosjust me SON_4744Sonnyphotossand and ocean SON_4747Sonnyphotosagain, couple of jets flying overhead ( we are just near Williamstown RAAF base ) SON_4759Sonnyphotossculpture SON_4763Sonnyphotosone thing I hate about people that come here, hope fully attitudes have changed since 1954 SON_4765Sonnyphotosnope SON_4766Sonnyphotosappears they haven't. I hate bogans, I mean, look at the mess they leave, that's just from one mob on one day, what would this place look like in 20years if everyday one mob leaves a mess like this, not to mention the danger off all the broken glassSON_4769Sonnyphotosthat was a nice walk in the dunes except for the bottle collections, now push on again SON_4770SonnyphotosAt Stockton now, looking back at the distance I covered along the beach from Anna Bay

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