Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Anna Bay to Stockton along the beach

Finally get the car on the beach

SON_4664SonnyphotosEnd of Anna BAy and the beginning of the 40-50 km of sand dunes to Stockton Beach, Newcastle SON_4665Sonnyphotoslong stretch SON_4666Sonnyphotostours have become a big business here since I last came here SON_4671Sonnyphotos4wd only, and a lot more controlled than before, no more riding the dunes, which was fun, but at the same time , probably a good thing they banned it SON_4673Sonnyphotoslooking back to Anna Bay, and what is that in the waterSON_4673Sonnyphotoszoom inSON_4675Sonnyphotosa guy, a chariot and his horse ( Shark Bait ) SON_4679Sonnyphotosquick photo stitch, one of the main reasons I got this car, so there is no stopping me of driving on the beach if the opportunity arises SON_4681Sonnyphotoshardly anyone else around, be a different story in summer SON_4682Sonnyphotosgoing up for a wander, low tide, car should be ok for a while :-) SON_4685Sonnyphotos SON_4690Sonnyphotosclean conditions for surf in the background, got the boards in the car, but this spot is renowned for sharks check out this video, you'll see what I mean

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