Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Dubai > Sydney, waking up outback NSW

After a little sleep and a few movies, I wake up to see part of the sunrise, somewhere over outback NSW

_AUS4606sonnyphotosGuessing about 150-200km out form the airport, as we are slowing down and descending _AUS4607sonnyphotosHa, we get to see Lake George again ( just over a week ago, scroll down on link ) _AUS4608sonnyphotos _AUS4616sonnyphotosJervis BAy seen from the air somewhere near Goulburn _AUS4617sonnyphotosNice _AUS4628sonnyphotosWingecarribee Reservoir near Glenquarry _AUS4632sonnyphotosLake Illawarra and Windang, just south of Wollongong _AUS4637sonnyphotoswhere the clouds are gathered must be Avon Dam _AUS4638sonnyphotosWilton countryside _AUS4641sonnyphotosCataract Dam ( again, where the clouds are ) _AUS4647sonnyphotosEngadine _AUS4648sonnyphotos _AUS4651sonnyphotosAudley Weir down there _AUS4655sonnyphotosAaaah, South Sydney National Park, Garie Beach, North Era BEach, South Ear Beach, Burning Palms beach and then onto Werong and Stanwell Now click on seatbelt and big left hand turn and land :-)

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