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Dubai > Sydney Flying over India

Indian Cloud Cover

_AUS4547sonnyphotosFlying over the Arab Sea towards India _AUS4548sonnyphotosI was hoping we would fly over Mal in the Maldives, but this trip we are coursing a lot further north _AUS4550sonnyphotosDabhol (also known as Dabul) a small seaport town in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra in India, and on the top you can see the Enron terminal _AUS4551sonnyphotosBeach at Guhagar, India, looking at this coastline of the west coast of India, they must get surf here surely, maybe not consistent, but still, they must have waves _AUS4553sonnyphotosReminds me of a reverse Barrenjoey :-) _AUS4555sonnyphotosInlet at Jaigad _AUS4556sonnyphotosThere's a fort on the end of that spit _AUS4562sonnyphotosSadamirya looks interesting, there just has to be surf here when big storms pass through the Arabian sea _AUS4564sonnyphotosFlying over India countryside now _AUS4568sonnyphotos _AUS4569sonnyphotoscan't see the land _AUS4570sonnyphotostoo many pretty clouds _AUS4572sonnyphotos:-) _AUS4573sonnyphotos _AUS4578sonnyphotosHidkal dam India through the clouds _AUS4585sonnyphotos _AUS4588sonnyphotosnearing the East Coast _AUS4589sonnyphotosjust make out the coastline, like the clouds are trying to open up and show me _AUS4592sonnyphotosOdiyur town and lake _AUS4595sonnyphotosand yes, there's surf there _AUS4601sonnyphotosAnd the clouds set in again. Time to turn in and wake up somewhere in outback NSW :-)

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