Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Dubai > Sydney - Arab Lands

Only about an hour in transit, so lucky me with lounge access, head straight up to the lounge to have a shower and a meal. From the dining room I look straight onto my ride :-)

_AUS4476sonnyphotoswatching the final load go in _AUS4483sonnyphotosline markers always capture my attention _AUS4481sonnyphotosmorning light_AUS4488sonnyphotosready for take off _AUS4489sonnyphotosheading west again, so backtracking back over the port _AUS4490sonnyphotosluxury, more than one window :-) _AUS4491sonnyphotosbig banking turn _AUS4492sonnyphotosand there is Dubai again, farin the back, foreground Al Bustan and naval base in the middle _AUS4493sonnyphotosSharjah Oil Refinery _AUS4495sonnyphotosBeach side suburb Al Hamriya _AUS4499sonnyphotosleaving the desert for the mountain near new military base, with fossil rock and Al Fayah mountain in the middle of the photo  _AUS4505sonnyphotosthe mountains separating Fujairah form the desert and Dubai _AUS4508sonnyphotosnear Maghribiyah _AUS4510sonnyphotosall those Island built of Dubai, guess where all the rocks come from  _AUS4511sonnyphotospretty impressive form up high _AUS4514sonnyphotosturning mountains into Islands _AUS4515sonnyphotosSheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road winding through the mountains to Fujairah form Dubai( been on that road a few times ) _AUS4516sonnyphotosFujairah city entrance _AUS4518sonnyphotosKalba at the top and Fujairah _AUS4519sonnyphotosFujairah beach hotel and Free zone _AUS4524sonnyphotosso yes, was one of my favourite drives from Dubai, day trip to Fujairah, going through the mountain, even found some swimming holes in those mountains _AUS4526sonnyphotosand further north of this port ( we are looking south )past Khor  Fakkan, I even went for a surf. It was a typhoon that tracked along Oman heading to Iran, and created a solid 4-6 foot swell. And just north of Khor Fakkan is a surf spot called Dibba near Aqah. Here is a shot I took of one of the guys I went surfing with ( It is a good 2 and half hour drive from Dubai so I stayed the night, funny TyphoonReason for the swell _AUS4530sonnyphotosLeaving Fujairah behind us now _AUS4533sonnyphotosWater looks super smooth and calm down there today _AUS4540sonnyphotosok, bye to the Arab lands for now _AUS4543sonnyphotosFlying over the Gulf Of Oman into the Arabian Sea

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