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A Burnt down Barrenjoey Headland at Palm Beach

After landing at Sydney Airport it is express trip back home to see the kids before they go to school and spend the day with my folks. They flew out form Spain for 2 weeks, but then In the middle of it, I had to fly to Paris for the Castelbajac shoot. So will spend the whole day with them, and have been wanting to come up to the headland ever since I heard about the bushfire.

_AUS4663sonnyphotosShould have taken a shot, as not only was the Home & Away crew filming, but on the Pittwater side we had a big McDonalds production happening as well for their summer commercials. Walking along the beach to the start of the track up to the joey_AUS4665sonnyphotosA little while later, first look at burnt vegetation _AUS4666sonnyphotoslots of green shoots already coming up again, fire ravaged through here about 6 weeks ago, so yeah, amazing how quickly life starts again _AUS4668sonnyphotosLooking more like coal than sandstone _AUS4671sonnyphotosthe higher we go the blacker the bush _AUS4672sonnyphotosyep, really burnt now _AUS4675sonnyphotosgreat view from up here of Palm Beach _AUS4680sonnyphotosThe only way some of these plants reproduce is from the intense heat of the fire, it cracks the seed pods _AUS4682sonnyphotosLand marker burnt down _AUS4685sonnyphotoslooking across broken bay to the central coast _AUS4688sonnyphotosthis bush track has not had this much direct sunlight on it for a while _AUS4689sonnyphotosBush Sculptures _AUS4696sonnyphotosLooking East, edge of the Joey _AUS4697sonnyphotosMy parents through the burnt trees _AUS4699sonnyphotos _AUS4701sonnyphotoslove this shot _AUS4703sonnyphotosstarting up again _AUS4705sonnyphotosget a camera :-) _AUS4708sonnyphotosmore bush sculptures _AUS4710sonnyphotoswoauw, more seeds coming out _AUS4717sonnyphotoswalking back to the lighthouse _AUS4692sonnyphotosJust love this shot, have to show it again, one of the black boys that really survived the fire_AUS4719sonnyphotosmore sculptures _AUS4726sonnyphotoslooking down to Pittwater from the Smugglers Track _AUS4729sonnyphotosall coming back to life Joey-1 Little triptych I made of the Headland ( click on image for larger view )

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