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Sydney > Melbourne

Leaving for Melbourne to get my flight to London, one of the best Sydney to Melbourne flights, thanks to all the bush smoke in the air and interesting weather pattern

_AUS3242Sonnyphotos Leaving the northern beaches and that smoke is back again in the morning after clearing during the day yesterday_AUS3245SonnyphotosAt the airport and those menacing looking clouds in the north _AUS3247Sonnyphotostake off, taking off in northerly direction, a first for me ( after all these times ) And a great shot of Maroubra beach and Eastgardens _AUS3248SonnyphotosBotany Bay, Perouse and Kurnell _AUS3250SonnyphotosGreat shot of Botany Bay entrance with Frenchman's Bay and Yarra Bay _AUS3252Sonnyphotoszoomed out with airport runway _AUS3256SonnyphotosLooking south across Malabar Bay _AUS3260SonnyphotosThose clouds, so weird today _AUS3268Sonnyphotoswoauw, now we turned around to head north, I'm loving this flight so far all these great shots I'm getting, can you spot the Opera House in the Harbour _AUS3269SonnyphotosGreat shot, and those patterns you see on the water is from is from the strong westerly winds today _AUS3272SonnyphotosThe city beaches _AUS3275Sonnyphotosaaah, my stretch, the northern beaches _AUS3276SonnyphotosAnd those freaky looking clouds, mixed with the bush fire smoke _AUS3277SonnyphotosAirport through the clouds in Botany Bay _AUS3279SonnyphotosSouth Sydney National Park with Wattamolla Bech _AUS3283SonnyphotosNow flying over the storm that is heading to Sydney _AUS3285SonnyphotosA little while later when we pass it _AUS3287SonnyphotosBathurst Lake , past Goulburn, look how dry it all looks _AUS3288SonnyphotosWoodlawn _AUS3289SonnyphotosWoodlawn is the first landfill gas generator arrived early 2006 (6x1.04MW Jenbacher J320GS). The Woodlawn Bioreactor is located in a disused 25Mcm open-cut mine.Woodlawn will receive up to 500 000t of residual waste per annum_AUS3292SonnyphotosLake George _AUS3293SonnyphotosThis is a strange lake ( google it ) some say it is connected to Mexico, even though it rarely has a lot of water in it _AUS3296SonnyphotosAhaa, Canberra. Never had a view of Canberra form the air before _AUS3298SonnyphotosClose up, guess where Parliament house is _AUS3302SonnyphotosLooking a lot greener than around Sydney _AUS3304SonnyphotosNearing Snowy mountains, but am on the wrong side today _AUS3310SonnyphotosCloud Seahorse ? Descending to Melbourne nopw _AUS3311Sonnyphotos _AUS3317SonnyphotosLanded

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