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Paris > Reykjavik Iceland FI543

Couture done, time to go to New York, but a quick one day stop over in Iceland first

getting ready to leave sunny Paris lawn needs a trim long taxi up and away, Louvres Chateau de Chantilly, just outside of Paris , where Valentino this time last year held a Haute Couture showAir base near Creil Creil Moreuil, French Countryside  nearing the coast Cap Du Griz Nez Calais in the middle there Griz Nez encore, leaving France busy in the strait of Dover today England and the white cliffs of Dover clouds setting in pretty much all of England was covered in clouds, they break for a moment here revealing Grangemouth, just near Edinburgh was hoping to see some of the many islands and beaches of the north of Scotland, but the clouds had another idea nearing Iceland now and looks very windy out there, interesting wuth the layers of clouds The Island of Vestmannaeyjar just of Iceland Vestmannaeyjar island off Iceland and can just make out snow covered mountain top in between the cloudsinteresting clouds, looks really windy down there rocky outcrops and windy can see the Þjórsá river ( Icelands longest ) entering the sea those clouds slowly descending and the litte harbour town of Þorlákshöfn under those layers of cloudsnever seen clouds like this, and I bet the strong wind has a lot to do with it the 427 running along the coastline with some potential slabs maybe bound to be some waves there Hlíðarvatn lagoon interesting landscape remnants of volcanic activity ? interesting, looks like maybe moss covered lava flow ? woauw, love this, just before landing Kleifarvatn lake Reykjavikwas hoping to see the blue lagoon, but we  must literally be flying on top of it Snæfellsjökull on the horizon, Jules Verne used it in his novel as the entrance to the center of the earth coming into land, guess I will be on that road soon Kálfatjörn white house at Kálfatjörn, and so windy might have a quick look on my way out of the airport Snæfellsjökull, about a 2 hour drive from Reykjavik, but not today Keflavik summer in Keflavik, can imagine what it would like in winter coming into land at Keflavik airport ( Reykjavik airport is a domestic airport, so Keflavik is the international airport about a 20-30 min drive from Reykjavik ) and how is this church, Ytri-Njarðvík , built in 1979, so modern looking and feels like something out of Transformer movie landed, let's go

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