Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Navajo Moenave Dinosaur Tracks - Heading to Monument Valley

Mind blown !

As I turn off the 89 and onto the 160 Navajo Trail, I see a make shift sing, Dinosaur tracks 4 miles turn left, ok
Dubious, but lets have a lookand bang, straight of the bat, look at that. I'm just blown away, that right here, is a footprint left in clay that over time has turned into hardened rock, and I'm standing right next to itand another at first glance, you just see barren land but look down and .... and I literally just got out of the car at parking space, no one else around incredible surrounding landscape Navajo territory, feeling blessed, after all those years as a little kid, watching those Westerns, I never thought I would walk the land of the Navajo and Apache, again, really appreciating this moment

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