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Monument Valley Navajo Country

When you grew up fascinated with the Native American culture from those 50's Westerns movies, to then fast forward 40 plus years and actually be in Navajo country .... I mean, lost for words, what an incredible location and I am so thankful to the Navajo tribes who have allowed us to walk on some of their grounds, there are still many restricted access areas, so feeling pretty chuffed to have been able to witness these Mesa's and Butte and spires :-)

Turned off the 160 at Kayenta onto the 163, road to Utah and Monument Valley and a taste of what's to come, with plane overhead, Agathla Peak, an ancient Volcanic plugJust outside of Kayenta things you see on the side of the road, I call it waiting woman and on the other side it is really starting to sink in on the way to Monument Valley, and it does not dissapoint mini Uluru woauw woauw, like they say, just like in the movies, this is real and I'm here, for me, its a pinch me moment and yes, it is cold, and those mountain tops do get covered in snow, as a matter of fact, they were a few days ago, but it is only in the shadows there is snow left. So yes, like , incredibly hot in summer, but yet snow in winter love loving that I made it here, something I never thought as a kid I would get to see according to Navajo legend, these 300-400 meters pillars are the carcasses of defeated monsterswoauw, the view from the Monument Valley visitors center and yes, they are snow covered mountains in the background Merrick Butte Sentinel Mesa and the Bear and Rabbit SummitThe view cabins at the bottom of the Sentinel Mesaok, there's a road down there ready for me to explore, let's go one for Jacqui, love me a tree Big Indian & Bear and Rabbit summit West Mitten Elephant Butte Elephant butte detail love how you can get so close to them impressive, million years old like the Blue Mountain, the Navajo also have Three Sisters Camel Butte Camel Butte The Thumb ( aka cow boy boot ) massive rock Rain God Mesa Hub point Rain God Mesa detail Rain God Mesa looking back to the Three Sisters tail end of Rain God Mesa plane overhead there are many tours, especially horseback, run by the locals you can do , they just all seemed to be closed at the moment, maybe more of a spring/summer/autumn thing woauw, again, pinch me, what a location, Totem Pole and Yei Bi Chei in the distance back end of Rain God Mesa what a view, would love love love to do a shoot here, incredible vistasSpearhead Mesa detail totem pole, about 300-350 meters tall, and in 1975, climbed by Clint Eastwood ( no stunt double ) for his movie The Eiger This shot just so reminds me of the road trip I did with Jacqui and kids 11 years ago to Mt Ive and Lake GairdenerBack side of Rain God Mesa detail Monument Valley, what an incredible location and turns out, I'm pretty lucky with the weather today, not a cloud in the sky another one for Jacqui looking back to the Totem with wide angle from the sandsprings
The CubeThe Cube, this massive rock is precariously balanced and the size of a small truckSpear Mesa The Big Indian Mesa Detail Mesa Close up detail view from the Navajo Code Talker Outpost East Mitten Butte, King on his Throne, Bear and Rabbit summit what a view 3 local dogs in the car park, big dog, looking for hand outs, but probably chasing rabbits or similar at night time love it top of Artist point again, plane overhead Big Indian rocks Cly butte next to north window the track back and the three sisters North Window, what a view postcard perfect The Thumb, aka the Cow Boy boot The Bear and Rabbit Thumb Thumb Camel Butte driving back what an incredible afternoon, guide said to allow 90 min to complete the drive around monument valley, I think I took about 3 hours, so pretty and awesome West Mitten buute, which what looks like to me an Navajo Elder overlooking the valley Agathla peak, on the way back to Kayenta

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