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Heading to Monument Valley part 2 - Flagstaff Arizona

Day 2 of my journey to Monument Valley

Next day and overnight crossed into Arizona and continue on from Flagstaff the back end of the Arizona Snowbowl rural america with a setting moon even the lower hills are covered as I pull further away from Flagstaff, we see more of this range, which is a dormant volcana Humphreys peak see-ing some super potential ski runs here but, guessing, as it is the one mountain range in this area, and very hot in summer, it would be a short winter season and then on the other side, these interesting shapes volcanic sand flows ? looking back at the dormant volcano and across the road these smoothed out shapes they look fragile and been there for thousands of years no doubt, would have been some tracks from cow boys at the turn of the century ( not this one, but one before ) and then wind erosion erased themPretty

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