Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Heading to Monument Valley along Route 66

Been in Los Angeles for a few days for a shoot, and now have some time off before I need to go to New York, always wanted to go to Monument Valley, so let's go

Between Ludlow and Fenner I pull off the 40 as the colours are just too good so found a nice little turn off spot with great view Just realised that is the area around Trilobite Wilderness Area that I flew over just last week in this photo, you can see the 40 at the bottom, and I would be to the very right of this phototrusty ( big ) rental car woauw the layers of Trilobite then looking back west south west to the snow covered San Bernardino National Forest this is what a 400mm lens is great for, getting those mountain ranges lined upTrilobite detail Eagle Mountain ? pretty Granite peak, and all those rocks, area is rock rich Granite Peak loving this, with San Bernardino in the background love seeing those ranges lined up like that ( hard to capture with a standard lens, let alone a wide angle ) sunset colourstime to get back on the 40, busy highway, strange, as the landscape is so desolate and feeling of remoteness like in Australia, but the highway is busy, and a lot of trucks

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