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London > Los Angeles BA283

What a flight, it was cloudy for most of it, but still managed to get some amazing shots of Iceland, Greenland, North Dakota and California

Ready to take off been a good 20-30 min and nothing exciting to report, just clouds thick cover, crossing North Atlantic ocean we're not alone, and love the morning sun rays some lines stacked land, finally, Iceland, and damn, there's some serious swell hitting the beaches farmland, Vik, IcelandHeišarvatn Lake in the mountains there,very popular lake in summer Solheimafjara and Mt Petursey a landscape I'm yet to visit and the clouds set in again heading to fly over ReykjavikHvolsvollur region Markurfljot river flowing into North Atlantic ocean nice light ( as we are flying very north and then west, we are staying with that eary morning light for a while ) over Reykjavik Crossing North Atlantic from Iceland to Greenlandand thick clouds set in again Greenland Greenland, one big glacier slowly sliding to the ocean looks imopressive from up here woauw, I'm loving witnessing this so pretty, but again, not sure you would want to be down there Qeqqata Municipality at the foot of so may glaciers, so many lakes, and clearly no time to name them all flight path Davis Strait Davis Strait they really did not name a lot of these places well, not on google earth anyway like this is also called Davis Strait even though it is a different body of water Turns out Davos Strait is the body of water from Greenland to Canada one that group of islands, is the settlement of Itilleq Qikiqtaaluk Region, NU, Canada a break in the cloud cover to reveal another layer of cloud cover Wildwood park, Keller, North Dakota Fuller Waterfowl production area, Big Meadow North Dakota Hamlet, Williams County, North Dakota Champion, North Dakota Tioga, and Tioga local airport Avoca in the middle and nearing Williston on the mighty Missouri River Epping Williston Williston Missouri River Missouri River looking towards Banks Sioux North Dakota loving these textures Farmland along the banks of the Missouri RiverRichland County, Montana and Yellowstone RiverBurns, Yellowstone River Midway, and Yellowstone River Dawson Community airport Glendive, Montana Cottonwood creek, flowing in the Yellowstone river near Fallon Terry, Montana Powder River, just before she flows into Yellowstone River Custer County Montana The 94 near Shirley Tongue River Brandenburg, Tongue River Tongue River Reservoir, and then the clouds set in again for all Wyoming and most of Arizona Mesquite, Clark County, Nevada plateau near Mesquite near Riverside Bark Bay and Mush way with the Virgin river just under the cloud Overton Arm Lime Canyon Wilderness at the top and Valley of Fire on the bottom Boulder Wash Cove, and the Arizone, Nevada border running in the middle of the Colorado River Hoover Dam Arizona in top, Nevada on the bottom and if I was on the other side I would be looking straight at Las Vegas looking towards Phoenix and crossed over into California now, Hole in the Wall Clipper Mountain Wilderness on the left and Trilobite Wilderness area on the right and the 40 highway Mountain range with no name near Landers Valley and Flamingo Heights looks like salt pan near Fissure mountain a glistening Hammertown, usually very dusty and dry, but a big rain storm just hit Los Angeles and obviously out here as well looking towards Yucca Valley Hammertown, looks like a burning man event from up here but no, it is more of a petrol head event, with lots of dirt bikes, quad bikes, hitting the dirt and the rocky outcrops with a name like Rattlesnake canyon, not sure I want to visit the canyon on the left, the snowy mountains out from Los Angeles more my speed Sugar loaf Mountain on top of Sugarloaf town and San Gorgonio Mountain in the back looks like could be some good ski runs coming down from Big Draw Peak but instead, there is a little ski area at Bear Mountain next to Sugarloaf mountainlooks decent enough, and when you think it's only a 2 hour drive from Hollywood, then it is pretty awesomeso pretty and so close to LA crossing the San Bernardino Mountains to drop down into the San Bernardino Valley Redlands Redlands Agua Mansa industrial corridor Eastvale Chino Hills state Park descending through clouds slowly going down so many clouds in LA ( does not happen very often ) gliding through them Harbor gateway north, just before landingthe flight path, just over 10 hours longIceland track west coast of Greenland Canada very top of America, top of the pic is Canada border Approach to LA from Utah, Nevada & Arizona satelitte taken about 1/2 way through journey The Iceland Greenland track and then satellite of the track from Canada to LA

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