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Sydney>Singapore QF01

Well, a long flight, and it being summer, lot of daylight and managed to fly across the whole continent and reach end of continent on sunset, so plenty of photos and plenty of places I managed to find and name

Holidays are over, time to go back to work take off - Alexandria banking, so miss out on shot of CBD Windsor on the Hawkesbury River RAAF Base Richmond, and below the Hawkesbury Showground Kurrajong heights, on Bells Line road, been along this road many times serious looking storm cloud crossing the Blue Mountains serious updrafts so missed Lithgow and Mudgee, so instead Lake Burrendong first up after crossing the Blue Mountains Cudgegong River Wuuluman Geurie, Mitchell HighwayWongarbon, Mitchell HighwayDubbo serious storm clouds again raining over the grain belt flying around it outback nsw Big wide expanse of what sometimes looks like it would be a big lake, is actually a creek Kulkyne Creek Waitchie Lake and the Bourke-Milparinka Road near Paroo River The line looks like a road, and it is called The Cut Line, crossing Blood Wood creekPindera Downs, Wanaaring couple of lakes near wanaaring and Tibooburra The Cut Line ( a road ? ) Two Mile Creek Tibooburra interesting rock formation just west of Tibooburra and Cameron Corner Road Connia, Ganya and 12 mile Creeks and Cameron corner road where Cameron Corner Road meets Toona Gate Road, and just about the top of the middle of the photo is the NSW Queensland border just past Cameron's corner ( borders of South Australia/NSW and Queensland, we fly over South Australia near Bollards Lagoon Merty Merty South Australia, and those red earth colours, amazing Lake Murteree the colour ! Doesn't look like much down there, but when you zoom in on google earth, there are quite a few un named tracks and what appears to be mining activities, hope its not frackingRiecks Road near Cameron Corner turn off Strzelecki Desert in the middle of Strzelecki Desert a welcome relief, but zoom in on google earth and looks like either a farm or mining activity just below itanother dry lake bed and unsealed road/track near Mulka, still in South Australia Lake Warrakalanna Cooper Creek Mungeranie, south Austrlalia, near Jack Dam near Birdsville Track quick skip to left side of plane to see the north side of Lake Eyre Lake Mulapula and Lake Koolkootinnie near Toopawarrina watering hole, Kallakina Creek ( had a flight to Alice Springs 10 years ago, and I feel like I am roughly on the same path, just 150 km or so further south, have a look ) Start of the Simpson desert near Tillawatinna Watering holepatchy clouds over the Simpson desert no name and Lake Pantoowarinna Lake Willawilannina & Lake Pantoowarinna Lake Umarcona Lake Griselda in the middle surrounded by so many other lakes with no names last of the lakes and flying over the Simpson desert from South Australia into the Northern Territory The great Simpson desert you do not want to be stuck out here, this desert is the size of Germany Witjira about 10km out from crossing into Northern Territory 5km Oomboomina creek, The Abminga and Boomika Dam middle of photo is the border directly over the border near the Binns Track border crossing Mt Dare track runs through there no place names Just north of Finke River interesting landscape, but again, no place names Finke & Hugh River Junction but looks to be dry as a bone just below Titjikala, population from 2011 census, 201 Titjikala at the top of the photo Hugh River near Rainbow Valley conservation reserve. Rainbow valley is where I did a shoot 10 years ago on the claypans ( you can just see them ) here is a post of my first location check out to the claypan , I was there to do a shoot for Australian Fashion Label, Blessed Are the meek Stuart Highway running North Stuart Highway crossing Orange Creek, big cattle station, Stuarts Well Roadhouse & Caravan Park and across the road the Orange Creek Lucerne Farmso remote little bush fore near Owens Spring interesting geography, somethign was pushing against something Wallace Rockhole Tjorita West MacDonnell National Park close to Roma Gorge Dashwood Creek Lake Lewis flying towards sunset, and love the last light hitting the top of the mountain, casting a long shadow near lake Mackay all part of Lake Mackay Vaughan Springs Propacc sunrays Tanami nearing the Western Australia border Western Australia even more remote Mueller Ranges Mueller Ranges Dimond Gorge, Fitzroy River clouds set in as we near the coast line north of Broome Wunaamin Miliwundi Ranges and Derby Gibb River RoadPrince Regent River leaving Australia, north of Broome Yawajaba Island see you later Australia beautiful colours shot of Australia from space roughly at the same time as this flightthe band of cloud we flew parallel too after Lake Mackay The storm clouds over Blue Mountains after take off closer look at that band of cloud we flew alongside in Western Australia the flight path taken ( over lap this with the satellite photo of Australia )

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