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London Heathrow>Milan Malpensa BA576

After Sydney to Singapore flight, the connecting flight from Singapore was take off at dinner time and arrive early morning in London, so was no daylight for 13 hours , so no photos Now, continuing on to Milan after 2 or so hours transit at Heathrow

ready to take off Richmond Park on take off London Leadenhall building doing a nice reflection over London London is a big city, but I wonder if Sydney is bigger with all its suburbs Isle of Dogs Darthford crossing early morning frost Gillingham River Medway flowing into the Thames Thames entrance windfarm Ramsgate a bit like Singapore, all the tankers sitting off-shore ( ok, way more in Singapore ) kind of like this windfarm, look how many there are ooh, we're are tracking a lot further north than usual, Knokke Heist, we usually cross over near Le Havre Ghent Brussels, don't think on this Europe trip this year I will make it to Belgium I can see Antwerp, Mechelen and Brussles, very clear day today Wallonia Military airfield near Saint Hubertwe're not alone 2 more, over the Ardennes Luxembourg Abreschviller little spots of snow here and there, but not enough to ski Lutzelhouse coming up to the French German border, but with a lot of towns down there with names ending in heim, ( Hilsenheim, Wittisheim, Baldenheim ) its a reminder that this was Germany pre ww2 The mighty Rhine, serving as border between France and Germany interesing landscape, and it is created from all the vineyars, Mosel and Riesling is my bet Freiburg im Breisgau Hofsgrund,and now we are starting to see little ski terrains nearing thr Alps and cloud cover and must have snowed in the past few days Flying over German/ Swiss border and Zurich clouds clearing for the Alps, near Lucerne nice, great day for ski-ing thr Alps today, fresh snow blue sky Rautispitz in the mddle Huge bare rock, Silberen, covered in snow, and Muotahal in the valley covered in morning cloud Fulen Tujetsch going to the Oberalpass ( which is cut of at the bottom of the photo ) Jacqui and drove all along this valley after our in Austria last summer ( so plane is now directly over Andermatt ) Shot of cow in the post was down there.Nalps Dam and Curnera Dam Lago Ritom, Lago Cadagno ( covered in snow ) and further up Lai Da Sontga Maria Monte Zucchero Locarno on Lago Maggiore Lepontine Alps Luino MalnateVarese airport Romentino & Galliate cut by the E64, with a surreal looking Alps in the background Centrale Termoelectrica Turbigo coming in to land, love how on the clear days you see the Alps in the background Landed, boys here I comeflight path from todays flight Belgium and Luxembourg ( I have done this leg many times, but never over Belgium ) Final approach and the satellite imageryshowing the cloud coverage over Switzerland

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