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Rhone Glacier in Switzerland

having visited this 5 years ago, you can see the effect of climate change

Where the Rhone river starts gushing flowing fast, eventually passing through Geneva, then Lyon and out to the Mediterranean after Arles, Francelooking very turbulent, due to the area down there, 70 years or so still being part of the glacier, all melted bendy road we will head down later, but behind it, in the late 1800's and early 1900's there would still be a glacier, gone, melted away smooth rocks on either side from the 1000's of years of ice moving over the rocks a glacier apparently moves 80 meters a year smooth rocks and gushing water so that is literally where the Rhone river starts if you don't count the head of the glacier people used to stay here to come and witness the giant glacier which is no longer, just like the one behind the hotel slowly melting, it is sad, but in this sadness I still am drawn to that magical blue colour mini iceberg in lake Rhone the glacier as it is now, and compare it here to how it was 5 years ago when I visited and you can see the definite line of where it was just 70-90 years agored line marks where it was 70-90 years ago, that's a lot of ice melted away so we would not have been able to stand on this rock, we would be 90-100 meters under the ice Jacqui happy we made the detour to come see the Glacier so again, I marked to show how high the glacier used to be you can see it now without the marks smooth rocks this was all under ice the smoothness in theforeground lines are created on the big boulders from small rocks being dragged across it as the glacier slowly moved downhill we go inside, again, when you compare it 5 years ago, it is soooo much smaller in we go I love the colour and smoothness going in deeper all the bits of matter from thousands of years ago, maybe even a million years ago love it like a photo from a scene in a space movieblue ice these shapes sculpture created my melting pretty all those air bubbles once they melt is it also releasing oxygen from 1000's of years ago blue oxygen trapped who knows how many years ago about to be released love these shapes love back outside and the rock, which was once covered, meet the glacier, which is now covered in particles form the mountain, causing the glacier to melt even faster as the sun warms the black rocks and pebbles makes for an interesting visual but at the same time I am worried back to the lake walking away from the glacier I keep turning around to take another photo and another just like this tourist impressive got the same shot back in 2018 but this has shrunk new hole starts and everything slowly sinking into it and melting Rhone up higher Rhone down below back to car park and next drive

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