Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Oberalppass and Furkapass, Switzerland

After Flims, we keep driving through the Swiss Alps

heading up to the Oberalppass of course we see these all along the route just came up from Tujetsch and heading up to the gap on the right hello, love the hair do, the little crop on top great hiking trails here by the look of it and streams of course couple of bends later heath about 20kms further, passed the Oberalppass and drive past Andermatt, we get to this lovely scene of an old bridge across the Reuss in the Urseren valley Reuss rushing under the bridge Reuss the old bridge over the Reuss mountain range up top Reuss Valley below as we head up to FurkapassJames Bond Strasse, famous chase scene from Goldfinger was on these bends.
Got a photo at this same spot one early morning on my journey from Brussels to Obergoms 5 years agolooking down across the Urseren valley bends and lots of water gushing down cold fresh water and the sound still to go, not at the top yet spot Jacqui coming along nice to see it is still here ( passed by 5 years ago ) and still have not replaced the verandah flooring wonder if the 007 film crew stayed here when they filmed the chase scene and can someone please renovate these buildings geoligical event, many many years ago, fascinating about to head down again, but post

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