Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Flims, Switzerland

So Austria, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and now pit stop in Flims Switzerland

waking up to this sleepy little mountain village in Switzerland water rushing down the mountain through this building which then powers the town looks like a brand new development at Flims, to accommodate all the skiers in winter and right next to the chair lift, bonus lot of concrete here with great sculptural shapes like this on the bus stop nice apartment building but I prefer the older style, iots the charm of it I like or this, with the doona airing out on the top floor :-) free drinking water built 1917 should have booked a room in here barn meets concrete this one is a bit odd though, not a winner in my book, but sure is in someone else's this would do up nice as a boutique hotel character and this across the road, love I like what they done hereobviously got rid of the old farm building and built a new house but they kept the logs and used it as a facade to the new building so the old forms a wooden shell around the newwith the original barn door love it next door, the old barn door from 1811 clever, simple and effective so it looks like a barn, but is in fact a modern house still plenty of originals around on the way into town with lovely vegetable garden covered in winter no doubt lunch

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