Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Isar River, Germany in the Summer time

My time in Austria comes to an end, next stop Switzerland, but I take a little detour through Germany to go to the Isar again

car packed, ready to go to next stop on our Road Trip adventure but want to have a closer look at this hive It's a lot bigger, and about 5 hives in the one box ( maybe it is so it is easier to move the whole lot indoors for winter ? ) slightly different, but similar entrance we use in Australia, to keep the beetle bugs out or is it here to keep wasps out ? about 90 min or so later and we are back in Germany to the spot I visited in January on way to Tux no snow this time and still dry was expecting to see some water coming down but must really just happen in spring with the snow melting and then in summer dries up again ( unless there is a big storm passing over the mountains and we get a flash flood ) rock art back to the car Isar river in summersame spot in January Isar river, super clear again and swim-able nowlittle swim holes here and there not as cold as in winter, but still has a bite looks inviting though, without the snow around like last time I was here skipping stones pretty spot to be playing in the Isar with the Isarbrucke Lenggries in the background Jacqui got out after that, toes got too cold for her so I wade a bit further upstream clear little pool with lots of shallow spots love this, be great to see this printed and then have people guess whether it is a painting or a photoso many pebbkles let's put our shorts on as you drive the roughly 8 km road from Isarbrucke Lenggries to Wallgau, you see little swim spots along the way with people enjoying the river here and thereso pretty, might have to stay in Wallgau next time for a night so we can walk along the river waterfall along the way nice, solid wooden bridge stop for lunch at Wallgau and then head back to Austria which is on the other side of that rangelittle hold up along the way

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