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German Austrian Border

I have been looking forward to getting back to Tux Lanersbach, it's my 6th time, but last time was 9 years ago

Stayed at a little village last night in Germany called Ulm ( was not in the mood for a 10 hour drive, plus I wanted to take a scenic tour ) which it turns out is the birthplace of Albert Einstein ( did not grow up there though, his family moved to Munich soon after his birth ) So about 90 minutes into the drive I get to Oberammergauand yes, lots of snow still look at that backdrop and this is only the beginning surrounded by tall peaks now Ettal Abbey Hohe Kisten mountains spectacular looking mountain with the snow covering it We just don't get this in Australia, hence my fascination ( I know I should go to NZ south Island ) about to take a smaller road ( which is covered in snow ) and just looking back at Wallgau and Krun villages. Still in Germany, and those mountains in the middle of the photo, that's Austria on the left and Germany on the right Isar River, cold, fresh and clear very clear except for the snow bottom right of the photo, the colours could as well be from one of my Fiji or Tahiti trips be a good swimming hole in summer though, might have to come back and check it out looking west so I spotted this on google earth and why I wanted to take this road, as it look like a super wide river the Rißbach, with just hundreds and thousand of river stones. On google earth it looked dry and today it is covered in snowRißbachhaus, just out of frame used to be the old border house as just up that valley is Austria I park the car and go for a wonder on the Rißbach and covered in snow but there is still a little creek running, can imagine after all the snow melts there must be a period when it is a running river spot the car. Austrian mountains, not far to go just crossed the border Bettlerkarspitzemountain at Achental looks surreal to me made it to my destination, park the car, look back to mountain I just drove past and that's the top of Penken up so high in the mountains, we are closer to the planes flying overhead balcony outside my room for the next 5 nights, love this place, this will be my 6th trip to Tux Lanersbach, and staying at the same hotel, SportVital Hotel but it has had a rename Das Alois, same people, same ownersgoogle had me going via Munich or Innsbruck, I did neither

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