Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Tux Kaunertal Gletscher Ski-ing

First day sk-ing again, since, I don't know, probably since last time I was here and skied the Gletscher in Summer 2014

didn't bring camera with me for my first few runs, wanted to feel confident on my skis again before bringing my good camera. And look how empty the runs areCrowded :-) going up to the top now as you can see, it's pretty windy today, but the sun is out, and there is enough snow to have some fun, and again, look at the crowd going up again , feeling good, so am going to ski back down to get camera unfortunately due to the wind those t-bars aren't open today again, that windso went down and got the camera but of course now the clouds are coming in you can still see the blue skies, over Italy by the way heavy clouds rolling in, and there is a lot of snow forecast for the next week I have the whole run to myself impressive rock face, I will be checking that out tomorrow This mountain ski terrain is so big, I've just skied to another part of the mountain, and in this wide angle shot, you can't even see the part of the mountain I skied just before, so on the right side of the photo, is sort of the middle of themountain if you look closely to the right on the snow ridge you can see all the snow blowing, can't tell otherwise but it is really windy today and those clouds are moving fast me and one other guy enjoying the run heading down to go up again the Tux valley below doing the long run down and I see the waterfall we walked past in summer nice waterfall except today, as we zoom in, you see it is frozen

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