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Nufenenpass Switzerland

Not quite done after the Rhone glacier and still with some time on our hands we head to another alpine pass

top of the NufenenPass guess that used to be a small glacier 100 years ago so after the Rhone Glacier visit, I wanted to take Jacqui up the Nufenenpass, as I saw and got some amazing photos of the Ibex with their big horns ( check out the photos here from my trip here in 2018 )we looked but they weren't around today harsh landscape lichen with 400mm, I'm using them as binoculars to try and find any Ibex Glacier, Griesgletscher right on the top of the Nufenen Pass there is a big pond, which naturally in winter would be just a solid block of ice, so it was surprising to see so many tadpoles look at them go and the Alpine cotton plantswhite on top with tadpoles on the bottom some serious geo activity happend here crumbling in front with nearly vertical rise behind no Ibex jagged edges Switzerland having a beer in the Nufenen pass restaurant The Agene yeah, that's totally covered and hidden in winter local herders so many rocks so many bendsspot a footbridge over the Agene on the side of the road so we check it out,in the middle of it now looking straight down little waterfall pretty you can read all about this footbridge here ( if you can read German ) size of the pine bark ok, time to head to our next stay, not far to go

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