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Leaving Tux to go to Zell am See

Driving through Austria, Switzerland and France have a date with an airplane

leaving the valley had fun, thanks Tux how's that cable car form Mayrhofen and the clouds in the valley pretty the above view you would enjoy from this place going along different valley now, and how's that placezoom in so many potential resorts, but also, so many I am driving past on this 2 hour road trip which ended up more like 2 and half hours on these roads more of a warning for spring, summer time fast forward 3 days later and where I have been ski-ing the past 2 days with black run N14, one of the steepest vertical drops and about 1km long, the challenge was to do it in one run, no stopping, I wasn't ready, it is definitely a work out was looking at booking a room at this hotel, as it would be the true ski in ski out experience, but it was a bit too pricey for me, and lucky I did as the first day and a half it was just in a cloud and the lifts around it were all closed maybe next time about to hit that vertical drop great day for ski-ing shame I am leaving ( New York calls ) was cold last night driving out of Zell am See how's that nugget continuing my drive so many mountains last few before crossing into Switzerland look at that just beautiful powder runsjust a couple of chairlifts needed up to the top there and a cable car over the tree tops and voila and another great ski-ing spot ( you're welcome ) powder ball I pulled over from the road to get those last few mountains shots and spot this in the bushes as well as this sign :-) next day, made it to my last destination before flying to New York Meaux, about 25 minutes from the aiport at nigth

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