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Tux Lanersbach village on a winters day

I take a stroll through the village as it starts to dump

they also have a snow clearing for the footpaths just come down from another great day ski-ing ( no photos this time, just me enjoying my time ) Leave for another ski resort tomorrow, so I go for a later afternoon walk through the village St Michael slaying the dragon local church these ski apartments look pretty good Might have to check these out for next trip ? oh woauw, yes, loving the look of this the village another alm you can a pizza just about everywehre snow is really starting to come down hard now you got 4.8 star here as well love the look of this building, so much more character than the french ski resorts can you spot the 4 cars I love how you have all these nice hotels, including 4-5 stars, catering for the ski tourists, but then the next building is a working farm complete with stalls, with cows inside, the same cows that in spring till autumn will roam the mountains grazing the meadows with big cow bells around their neck pile of cow shit, next to luxury ski hotel - love it village bakery should be fun ski-ing tomorrow, except I will be driving Tuxbach the village from a bit higher up locals heading down to their shopping at the supermarket that's my hotel das Alois, with the outdoor pool corners heading back to hotel and another farm and stall let it snow let it snow steam coming of the pool that'll be me in about 30min unique to these parts my hotel room at the top another farm with all his medalions for his prized cows cows inside and another, and you can just make out the Eggalm ski lift behind
If you are interested in this village, Hermann from the local Toruism office just shared these 2 very old film footage HERE and HERE
I can clearly recognize some of the locations

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