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Paris > NYC AA45

Ski holiday over, time to fly to New York and back in work mode

what's easy about it ? ready to leave, ski holiday is over take off towards the east and yes, as I thought, banking right just as we get to the town I stayed at last night, Meaux, stayed right on the river there Chauconin-Neufmontiers and a private jet underneath Charles De Gaulle Paris Airport Big green square is not a park but Pantin Cemetery Sacr-Coeur Arc de Triomphe La Dfense Saint Germain forest about an hour outside of Paris Seine River snaking to the sea, highlighted with morning mist over the waterMousseaux-sur-Seine oh woauw, normally this flight would track more towards the bottom part of England and cross French coastline somewhere near Le Havre, but instead we are already tracking more south west, and in the distance I can see the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, and I can just make out Mont Saint-Michelthat little spec is Mont Saint-Michel, still not made it there yet, soon Rennes Vannes Quiberon Bay Quiberon at the top with Houat Island Houat Island & Hodic Island The bigger island of Sauzon and Bangor, Belle-le-en Mer and I spot a surf beach There's this weird obtuse black line in all of the above photos, and I just worked out what it is, its the shadow of the plane's jet trail, I thought it was some smudge or dirt on the window for a minute yes, that a proper beach looks close and you can see the lefthander about to say bye to France and Europe flight track thus far big stretch of beach near Plovan, now we just cross the North Atlantic this is the clearest it got, about 6 hours of complete cloud coverage And we have land, Nahant, Boston like the cloud pattern New London Plum Island Orient, Long Beach Youngs Point Rocky Point Pine Reserve and what looks like a solar farm Long Island MacArthur Airport Patchogue Robert Moses Causeway Robert Moses Water Tower, looking more like a sun dial from up here Democrat Point Democrat Point lools like it has a lot of potential to become like a skeleton bay, just need to fill in that sand a bit, make it more of a straight line, and you could have an epic long left hand beach break Jones Beach tug boat, towing something long zoom in, curious short beach, looks like high tide no left hand beach break on this end Baldwin Harbor Just the one house on cinder Island Lincoln Orens Peninsula Boulevard, Woodmere and landed finally, a couple of hours later, back home at Soho Grand in time for sunset but not very eventful sunset so unique to New York ( pretty sure you see them in other cities as well, but for me, it's a new york thing :-)

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