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Sydney > London QF1

It's been a few years since leaving the beautiful beaches in the middle of summer time to head to the northern hemisphere for work, that was one blessing from covid, I got to enjoy more of our aussie summer, but then did I ? ( floods/bushfires ) Anyway, heading north

take off, tankers at Kurnell Boat Harbour Burning Palms and Era beach Royal National Park Lake Burragorang, part of Warragamba Dam near Fletcher's lookout Blue Mountains National Park looking towards Jenolan Megalong Valley Oberon ( visited here on my road trip back from Ceduna about 2 years ago ) Just South of Bathurst ( If I was sitting right side I would be looking at Bathurst right now )Wyangela Cadia Valley Mine ( Just south of Orange, again, if I was sitting on the right I would be looking at Orange ) heading to NSW outback but lots of clouds, pretty much stretching from White Cliffs, Sturt National Park all the way to Alice Springs and up to Broomeleft overs from tropical storms in Darwin and right acros the top of the Northern Territoryso not much to see every half hour I stick my head out to have a look and a little break in the clouds and I see this with a river running in this dry arid landscape, this could very well be the Kallakoopah Creek in the Simpson desert yes, for sure this is Simpson desert Special place glad I got to see it Simpson desert probably as big as Germany then the clouds back again, Uluru is under there somewhere Western Australia lots of people suffering down there at the moment with historic floods cutting of remote towns sun slowly setting, will we make it to the coastline for sunset going to be cutting it fine this is literally part of the Kimberley floods right now flying super close to Fitzroy crossing, and this whole region is currently devasted by the floods sunset won't make it to the coastline North west of Broome could be the Lennard River if the plane was not delayed by 30 min, we would be getting some incredible sunset shots Walcott Inlet Fletcher Islands so many islands here, and according to google maps, a lot of these don't even have names Yawajaba Island last light, and then don't see daylight again till after we land in LondonSatellite photo around the 4-5 hour flight across Australia, showing all the cloudsand then overlay it with this shot showing the flight trackand then the night flight from Singapore to London, 14 hr flight and I managed to sleep for about 7 hours

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