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Last leg of the long road trip - Orange to Oberon

And I finally get to see this new great spot, Oberon Lake

waking up just outside of Orange , NSWOrange country house styleOrange Country City house style love the look of this house the normal GPS way home would take me to Bathurst, but for this last leg, I wanted to explore the countryside on the way to Oberon from Orange instead, totally bypassing Bathurst. Pretty cloud formationcountry nsw plains, on the other of the Blue Mountains form Sydney lots of roads like this, we are close to Bathurst rock art natures sculpturespretty little locationlove the 600mm for photos like this bit of wheat out here as well and pine forests and then, Lake Oberon, my new discoveryI've known the name Oberon well, as it is one of these very few places close to Sydney where it might snow every year or two when there is a "polar blast " but I did not know about this lake and with all these granite boulders I'm thinking what a great location for a photoshoot pretty I feel I got to see it on a good day, not too windy or cloudy calm sorry if I'm boring you with all these shots but I'm loving this spot tall model with long flowing dress love trying to figure out how I can go there but it looks like it is farmland bit of fishing and canoeing. ok, next stop, home

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