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Brisbane > Sydney QF547

Nice flight from Brisbane to Sydney, thanks to a big storm cell sitting just south of Brisbane, the flight does not take the usual path tracking south

walking the dog plane ready to taxi to runway for take off, and interesting clouds forming take off with rain in the background very windy down there Clouds over Glass House mountains rainbow over Moreton Island as we bank east Moreton Island in afternoon glory Moreton patterns so much cloud around, I love the rays of light you cna see now, thanks to sea haze I guess South Eastern tip of Moreton those rays again, love it through the clouds we continue heading east, south east which is unusual for this flight, but this is due to a big storm cell just south of Brisbane off the east, flying south now banking a bit more west again, basically a big circle around the storm cruise liner crossing back inland from the ocean and that's Crescent Head down there, never flew over Crescent head before and that line in between the clouds is the A1 highway big storm cell of Crowdy Head area, near Tareetailing out all the way out to the ocean Bonny Hills structure so much energy in there off the east coast entering golden hour as we approach for landing through the cloud cover and Sydney Harbour she's a beauty with ferry heading up river Cockatoo, Spectacle and Snapper Islands Balmain Iron Cove Bridge at Birkenhead point and the blue fro Drummoyne swimming pool Anzac Bridge in the middle landedflight track, really showing how far off the coast we went

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