Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Qantas Milk run from Cairns to Rockhampton QF2357

Never done a milk run in Australia before, we did in Tahiti when we went from Moorea to Bora Bora

Barron beach, on take off from Townsville airport looking back towards Palm Cove Green Island Little Turtle bay beach and King beach aaaah Fitzroy Island, holds a dear memory with us ( 10 years ago, the infamous Vagabond, which turned the kids of sailing for a while ) Franklin Islands Kent & Jessie Islands of Cowley Beach Lucinda Terminal Pelorus and Orpheus Islands Orpheus, Fantome, Curacoa & Palm Islands Palm, Eclipse, Brisk and Esk Islands Beach Holm, Bushland Beach and Cape Pallarenda at Townsville The Pinnacles Gumlow, coming into landand like a bus, some people get off the plane and other get on and 20 min later we're taking off again. Three mile creek running out at Pallarenda Cape Pallarenda Royal Australian Air Force Radar Dome on top of Cape Pallarenda Cockle Bay, Magnetic Island Pic Nic Bay Magnetic Island Magnetic Marina The Forts Cape Cleveland Paradise Bay, Cape Cleveland Russel Island near Colevale Alva Beach road heading to Alva Cape Upstart Abbott Point Prosperine Prosperine River and O'Connell river heading out. Coming into land at Mackay, same thing, 20 min bus stoptake off from Mackay, Hay Point Terminal Notch Point West Hill Island Styx River at Charon Point mine out near Kunwarara near Rockhampton wheels out coming into land Fitzroy River

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