Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Pink Lake, Cactus Beach Penong South Australia Pt 2

Had a quick surf at Cactus beach, so back on site and go for a little wander away from the site to check out the surrounds

Back at the site I leave the crew to do their thing and go exploring around the site like ice right next to all that salt and at the base of all the sand dunes, a random hole with freshwater that colour drone footage will look amazing long stretch of road lake stretching around the corner windy today can see how the dunes are always changing shape due to weather intense love these lines pretty, but not very safe environment for camera equipment imagine a model with a long flowing dress in that wind in that spot pretty so much sand walked in a small way, and if I turn around, there is literally 10's and 10's of kilometers of sand dunesheading back, pretty hot back on the edge of pink lake You have no idea of the amount of photos I took, this is but a small selection

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