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Pink Lake, Cactus Beach Penong South Australia

Day one of being on location, a lot of setting up to do

Left accommodation back in Ceduna at the crack of dawn, as it is still a solid hour driving to locationthis is why it gets its name, pink looking at the dunes over yonder, wondering if I can get my car in there our sitelove me some pinkthe formations created naturally wind is picking up looks pretty thoughNot much was happening on site yet, so I go to a quick surf check, and like everywhere else, its about swell direction and wind direction, swell has more south in it, so it is missing the left and instead the rights just north of the break are firing, with a stiff off shore breezeand it looks like fun, I'm out there, only 2 guys out, nice gentle rolling right hander.
Had a great surf, was a bit dicey as for about 20min I was out there on my ownm and the water was not that clear, so as you sit out the back waiting for the waves your mind starts to drift. Still got some fun waves, but that wind was getting stronger making it hard to paddle on the waves.back to site and all the riggers are here but I get distracted by this beauty love it pure salt by the way the shapes Cat Rose, big boss bolfoot is here, whipping the boys into action mapping it out rolling equipment in Jody from Komodo here and liking what he's see-ing funny thing is, we are literally in the middle of nowhere, the nearest town, Penong, about 20min from here, is literally the last fuel /pit stop before you cross the Nullarbor ( = isolated ) and here we are setting up this big production this road will be our location it's the road in and out from Cactus beach Not much for me to do on site, so I head to Penong to do a coffee run. So this is Nov 2020, and pretty sure that sign is still there Like I said just before, Penong, on the edge of the Nullarbor, pretty isolated spot back on site- wind has picked up Cat's new facebook profile photo :-) Coppers are here to have a chat and as well as checking out how we are going , filling us in on on what the locals think not often we have a cop car on site Jody doing some ambassadorial work wind is picking up

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