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South Australia Wheat Belt

The journey continues to Cactus beach, Ceduna, South Australia

Waking up near OrrorooStill have about 600 plus kms ahead of me early morning light gentle rolling hills around the wheat fields after passing through Port Augusta, Iron Knob - it's a long stretch on Eyre highway south of Lake Gilles of shrubby forest with gumsbefore we get back to more wheat fields of Eyre Peninsula looks like ready to harvest as far as the eye can see The whole west side of the peninsula is waiting to be explored, and I wanted to circumnavigate the whole thing, but don't have the luxury of time, so I skipped the whole east side and from Coffin bay up ( think oysters, big surf and even bigger sharks ) So instead I took a left turn of the Eyre highway at Poochera and headed for Streaky Bay. And after 2-3 days of driving through heat, dust and what felt liek at times endless plains, I get to the ocean Drove straight through Streaky Bay and headed for Hally's beach Hally's beach boardwalk ( In hindsight, I should have gone for a refreshing swim, but I was hungry as well ) Olive Island, bet there are some serious slabs over there. And how's the colour of the water Whistling rocks could surf that, but with no one else out in the water ( insert Jaws soundtrack ) hello, Shingleback lizard, must the South Australian version of our Blue tongue lizard continuing on north, past Smoky Bay and finally get to my destination on dusk Chadinga, Penong South Australia better known as Cactus the massive sand dunes near Cactus beach and just past our location for this weeks job but for now, check out these dunes Cactus Beach, known for its left handers ( and great white sharks ) but today its the right hander further north that is working

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