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Exploring around Pink Lake and Point Sinclair

After a quick explore around the site ( previous post ) I'm in the mood to explore more

Checking out the dunes and view from behind the surf spot car parksand a bit whiter on this sidelooking north, and it will continue like that probably for about 8-10 kilometers and not much traffic around here I drive to the other side of Cactus ( further south ) to check out Port Le Hunte and Point Sinclair jetty. And you can see the wreck right out frontand the jetty wreck again, and the miles and miles of beach/sand dunes running south towards Cedunaso windy, you can see all the sand getting whipped up from the dunes I had done my research before driving here from Sydney, utilizing google maps to see what's around here. So here we are looking at little back beach south of Cactus beach, then to the left you can see the white was, would eventually break into the left hander at Cactus beach, which is hidden here by the headland, but you can see the stretch of sand dunes further downso I parked the car, can you see it, to walk to this spot I saw on google earththat's what caught my attention on google earth. So the car is parked top left of the photo, to the right of that embankment ( the dark shade ) and I'm walking towards the pointe des cordonniers ( clearly a french explore came past here )so that's where I am walking to and you can already see that smooth rock that caught my eye on google earth nice left breaking into that back beach and what a spot, that smooth solid granite gently rolling into the ocean again, erosion doing its thing over time nature's sculptures would be great to do a photoshoot here love these shapes algae Pudding Rock and Sinclair Island you can imagine when there is a downpour here, all the fresh rainwater running down these grooves went back to the car to try and drive a bit closer to the end point where there is more of these beautiful shapes and views towards Point Sinclair art I think at one stage maybe they tried to run sheep here, or was it to collect water for the camp ground back to the site and see how things are progressing would love to see this printed up as a poster the boys are moving at a fast pace scaffolding going up and it is hot stay hydrated not just sun burn but wind burn as well

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