Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Praa Sands and St. Michael's Mount, Cornwall

After couture and a quick trip the French Coast , I cross the Channel and check out the Cornish Coast

view from upstairs the place I rented for a few days getting my bearings, on my way to Penzance on the way we also have St. Michaels Mount, is this to be the English version of Mont St Michel ? I had planned to go there last week, but would have been too much of a drive for Fredcha and crew to join melow tide at high tide, just like in France, the causeway is totally covered, rendering the the Mount in accessible except by boat. I like the tiling work with the big stones, and all the seaweed growing on the other rocks It has its own harbour and a Medieval Castle and Norman church closed this whole month of January of course so walk back and head to Penzance, this is the view from Penzance, and yes, there is surfing here - bloody cold though after some shopping at Penzance heading back to Praa sands past St. Michael Mount and then the drive down to where I am staying Praa Sands beach view from upstairs bedroom

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