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Praa Sands & Porthleven Cornwall

Exploring the Cornish coast

That house on the headland had me intrigued from the moment I arrived here So today I'm going to check out Portleven, I had to go and get some hardwood for the indoor fire heater, as the bag I bought at the petrol station was like compressed cardboard and burnt in a minute, so Porthleven is on the way the church that gets a good rinsing every now and then left hand and right hand of the breakwall- pretty windy today looks nice and calm, but check out this video, pretty quite today in comparison low tide I had just seen a photo on surf forecast site, with a surfer just about to pull in and a canon in the foreground, and I guess this must be it, lets call it Canon rights Porthleven beach The entrance to the harbour, and check the right breaking at Canon Rights and another, so windy and cold but and right out the front of the breakwall nice painting on the water rescue place Cliff Road nice stroll along here but not on days like this Where I just was 15 min ago but wait, what- there's a guy out there on a bodyboard, damn, my hands were freezing when I was standing there 15min, how could you go out in that compare this scene to that b&w photo above he's swinging around and paddling for it missed it driving back, and having a closer look at that house on Rinsey HeadFrom Rinsey head, looking towards Praa Sands The hous eon Rinsey head, with a great view from their living room at the bombie out back Praa sands at low tide, and some serious beach erosion and left over from a bunker love these massive stones, beautiful they probably weight between 500 and a tonne, would love to have a truckload of these and do something with them, they are so smooth and weathered I'd be worried if I owned that house one day I'll get to check out that house on Rinsey head naughty fishermen, this is real problem for sea life getting tangled up in that I guess the storm took away the trees footing erosion wall sunset on Praa

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