Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Yport Etretat Day 2

So normally I would go to Belgium and catch up with my friends there, but this I rented a place at this french coastal town and made them come up and stay with me for a few nights

I take Fredcha, Aglaia, Kerel and Billie back to the beach I found yesterday, but the tide was still too high, so we walk along the top of the cliffs for a bit ( tides drops and come in pretty fast here) looking down at the beach we will go to, it's already dropped a little more in the time it took us to walk up here lots of lichen on the shrubs down on the beach now rocks so white Billie & Aglaia then off to Etretat again, and in the Tunnel du Trou l"Homme on the other side of the tunnel Chemin Des Douaniers the little hole we came through Aiguille d'Etretat heading to the 2nd beach now standing under the arch looking south right under it those layers, and this is exactly the same at Dover, proving, that once, a long time ago, Brexit would have been impossible, as it was joined, so you could say, nature, the geography part of it, got rid of the UK years ago :-) again, illustrating the tidal difference and you can't see the low tide, but the top of the stairs id high tide Billie climbing down while Fredcha watches on, probably wondering how Kerel will do this with his arms in a cast you can see the water level nowFredcha on sunset pretty heading back now and back on the beach at Etretat with the low tide creek

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