Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Heron Island, reef island paradise - day 1

on our arrival, we take a quick walk around the island

We arrive at lunchtime and lucky with the weather not a breath of wind ( Island can tend to get windy, out in the open ocean ) love me a bit of driftwood let's go explore so calm about an hour out from low tide just spotted markings in the dry sand where the stingrays where when the sand was covered in water can't wait to go for a snorkel on high tide half way around the island this is the spot were I was 25 plus years ago, with Mark Marcelis from Frontier Aviators when we were shooting the Ken Done campaign. Hasn't changed much since then :-)Prettyfoliage more driftwood low tide,concrete wall out to HMAS Protectorlove a bit of grain love it the blues mini wave lots of these around and these but what the f#@k, this should not be allowed, walking on the reef at low tide do they not know how much damage they are causing to the coral standing on the jetty, waiting to go on a sunset cruise, looking straight down, so much fish around including the colourful parrot fish just look at it, a piece of living art oh, and sharks ofcourse just cruising very shallow water looks so graceful his little black tip poking through the water very shallow ok, time for sunset cruise

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