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Gladstone Ferry Ride to Heron Island

After wedding in Rockhampton, Jacqui and I take a few days off to ourselves

backing out of the Gladstone Marinaloving this lens Canon has loaned me pretty sharp 100-400mm loving it on the horizon, looking like something out of a mad max movie, but it is a big plant producing AluminaBauxite being loaded invery smooth ride out there today no wind and no swell glassy once we get out and get some speed up, could be good to do some wakeboarding Facing Island Fishing of Curtis Island Mt Larcom really is a great day for fishing, so glassy and calm about to leave the east coast, north point reef Facing Island bring home some fish she said and as soon as we are in open waters, whales ended up spotting about 6 groups of whales awesome and big turtles very big, that's about the size of the roof of a volkswagon ( the beetle-not the van ) another one ended up spotting about 10 of them poking his head out Thought we'd reached our destination already, but no, Mast Head Island part of national park , and you can camp here some happy little campers there right now love that colour just of the island oh, and look, on the outer reef of Mast Head, waves Erskine Island day trippers those blues caught one stoked it's not raining little sand spit on Wistari Reef Fisheries boatand we're pulling into Heron Island, look at the reef, awesome The HMAS Protector , a large flat-iron gunboat commissioned and purchased by the South Australian government in 1884, for the purpose of defending the local coastline against possible attacks in the aftermath of the 'Russian scare', of the 1870s, then during July 1943, Protector was requisitioned for war service by the US Army. On the way to the Papua New Guinea off the coast of Gladstone she was damaged in a collision with a tug and abandoned. The hull was subsequently taken to Heron Island and later sunk for use as a breakwater. And here her rusting remains are still visible.great to snorkel around at high tide the colours
ok, let the adventure begin

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