Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sunset Cruise Heron Island

THE BEST SUNSET PHOTOS I EVER GOT - PERIOD - Put your print orders in now :-)

heading out to open sea past the wreck again water is still so calm- pretty lucky the other way to get to the Islandor off the islandmirror we are both just loving this look at that, soooo glassy, and can you see if hanging in your living room, a big print love that light soaking it inmmm, yum pretty the boat breaking up the glass and leaving gentle ripples just stunning and the birds still flying over the water, skimming the surface- feeding this just keeps getting better stunning, print please oh yes, and now a dolphin cruises past blessed, the colour and dolphin cruising past PRINT ME NOW about to go so prettytime for sun to gowith bird in front going going going going still going gone and absolutely blessed with this colour I need this printed, and put behind an acryliclooking the opposite direction back at the Island maybe we should just print all of these we could have an exhibition somewhere just stunning I'm hoping its not just me that thinks these are amazing print feeling so blessed to be able to capture these with plane overheadmoody warm colours this has to be in someones living room or above dining table :-)heading back to Island nowso calm still and what the .... a whole group of school kids snorkeling on dusk, did they not see the sharkspretty If only you knew how many photos I took game I wouldn't be swimming out there at this time of daythey're coming back, wonder if they did a head count before and after :-)still giving the goodsok lost for words now enjoy these last few this time with slight movement, PRINT PLEASE :-)

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