Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Shark and Ray Swim Mo'orea, Tahiti

This time with the kids

So we checked out from the house in Maharepa and moved in this place up the hill from beachcomber ( that's beachcomber left hander you can see in the lagoon pass ) so still on a lgoon, but up on a hill with magnificent viewsvery lush and I picked the highest spot, but now its time to go back to the lagoon and take the kids out for a swim with the rays and sharks and straight back into it they head straight back to Benji love this shot, the hand out of the water touching rays nose but they want the fish cool shot of the underside of the ray doubling up I love how they glide so effortlessly through the water this one took a liking to Belle yellow fish following the shark around woauw, love this photo, print please Belle surrounded the big blue Evan following the shark up close and personal , rays mouth its gills and its eye its not just ray and sharks here either by the way well, that was a rewarding morning

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