Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Tahiti Life on a rainy day

we been blessed with sunny weather, but if you stay more than 10 days, only natural you get some rain as well

blessed with a rainbow just of our balcony rain squalls out in the oceanJacqui's got the shot as welllow clouds today taking the girls for a drive to the belvedere look out I'm calling it Pineapple mountain, as it big, spikey and it overlooks both Opunohu Bay and Cooks bay and a lot of pineapple plantations The two bays. Those vertical lines you see in this photo and one above are raindrops falling down what a view and the light and the clouds holding on one side view of the two motus near the shark and ray swimming spot, from a little bush bash at the back of the house sunset reflections secret womens business happening on the deck yummy tahitian pineapples, they really are a lot sweeter than any other pine

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