Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Another day in Paradise another day swimming with rays and sharks

While the kids are still sleeping I meet up with Benji for an early morning session

This spot gets very crowded after breakfast, so wanted it to ourselves but looks this guy with his 2 kids had the same idea :-) straight in and as if the rays were waiting for us look at that, magical, and the water so clear yes, you can touch them, but very gently they literally swim right up to you and gently brush past you and then there are these magnificent creatures as well but not quite as close and touchy touchy as the rays they seem to love Benji super chill loving these shots I wonder if they see the reflection as well, or do their eyes show the sky love the reflection of the shark woauw fell safe around this one as his belly looks full :-) :-) and the rays do a little dance around Benji loving it touching his chest aaah , that his secret, he's got food for them no wonder they like him so much shark and ray coming straight for me and no, I'm not behind glass in some aquarium, this is real such an amazing moment Benji gets a few shots of me with the rays then me trying to get some video footage on the phoneheading for the ray ray heading for me sharks trying to get closer to the sharks but not like the rays more boats arriving so time for breakfast and then get Jacqui and the kids down here I could do this everyday, if the surf was flat ;-)Yew, thanks for the photos Benji

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