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Never say No to Helicopter Ride

From Shangri-La we head to Malolo Island to stay at the Tropica Resort

Jacqui is putting on a brave face here, she is a nervois flyer, but at the same time still excited at the prospect of a heli ride We did a heli ride here about 4 years ago, but that was a surprise JAcqui did not know about where as this one we planned. Check out the pics from that Heli flight Now it is a serious face for Jacqui and we're off taking of from Nadi airportgreat flying conditions that's our destination on the horizon, we could have taken a ferry, but that can take up to 3 hours depending on how many stops it has to make, and as we wanted to spend as much time as possible at Tropica before the weather turns again, we opted for the fastest mode of transport Denarua port can you spot the crashed Cessna, just of the beach a little, its the talk of the town this morning The tourist trap that is Denarua Akuilau Island just off DenaruaMamanuca Islands Taarua and Namotu on the horizon I asked the pilot if we could do a quick fly over and it was a polite not possible, as he has already called in the flight path and airport control does not appreciate vessels deviating of flight path little reef outcrop again, I can just think about exploring with the snorkel Malolo Lailai island those colours quite a few resorts here hows the big hole in the reef woauw been through here a few tines in boat already outer reef Six senses next to funky fish I can get used to this Wadig Island the best blue outside of Tahiti :-) snorkel time Wadig Island and there is our home for the next three days we'll be exploring these spots I'm sure coming in to land super low tide at the moment touch down that was short, but sweet

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